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Asiya Korepanova in Personal Piano Project – Midnight Pieces Episode #8

Asiya Korepanova in Personal Piano Project

Midnight Pieces – Episode #8

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Midnight Pieces

“Midnight Pieces’ is a project presenting 53 beautiful works from 53 composers (originally meant as one piece for each week of the year, plus one) – music, that is just perfect for night-time listening.

The pieces follow a hidden pattern: within each consecutive 4 works one is famous, one is by a Russian composer, one is obscure work and one is a transcription by yours truly.
These categories mix and match sometimes, but overall there are iconic and less-known pieces by well-known composers, quite a bit of breathtaking pieces by obscure composers and several world premieres of my transcriptions of rare and famous works of different authors.
I felt a need to fight the general fascination of the general audience with piano pieces that are primarily virtuosic encores (Volodos Turkish March etc), and wanted to create a project that fulfills the desire for aesthetic pleasure, for beauty of the music itself. It doesn’t mean there is no virtuosity there – there is plenty, but not as the main point at all.”

Asiya Korepanova.

Asiya Korepanova and Pianists Corner offer you a weekly rendezvous. Each rendezvous will contain 4 pieces.

© Emil Matveev

Episode #8

The composers :

“For all those feeling sad for the ended summer, here is the Mid-Summer from the beautiful ‘New England Idylls’ by American composer Edward MacDowell. This Romantic landscape from the 19th century truly transports me to the paradise warmth of the much needed summer season!” A.K.

Edward MacDowell : New England Idyls Opus 62 (1902) – 2. Mid-summer


“César Franck is an easily addictive composer of far less piano works than we wish he wrote. This is why I transcribed his Mariage des Roses, a delightful song that offers both shimmering pleasure of lyricism and bravura of passionate love. I am honored to dedicate this work to the dearest friend of mine, Abram Kreeger, a huge César Franck lover and incomparable piano and music enthusiast, who truly transformed my life and has always been a needed source of inspiration, advice, and friendship. Also, keep in mind that 2022 is a big Franck year – he will turn 200 years old!” A.K.

César Franck / Asiya Korepanova : Le mariage des roses


“Max Reger is someone who resembles Brahms for certain people, appears to be difficult to understand to others, and who in fact was one of the few to grace and rock the old Baroque forms at the dusk of the 19th century. Inspired by Richard Wagner while still a young composer, Reger kept the sense of enormous power and saturated colors inherited from the opera giant throughout his life. Chant de la Nuit is a perfect Midnight Piece and a perfect display of Reger’s assets – tender, warm and rich, with an unbelievable climax in the middle section. It was a great pleasure to discover this piece along with the whole set of Klavierstücke, Op.24, and even greater joy to perform it!” A.K.

Max Reger : Klavierstücke Opus 24 (1899) – 5. Chant de la nuit – Moderato


“I was probably 4 or 5 when I first heard my mother humming this tune – she just returned from a busy day of rehearsals in Moscow city. She was tired and was telling me a story from this wondrous country far-far away, represented by a melody, which was both sweet, exciting and full of incredible hope. I remembered it instantly and sang it for myself for many years. And this is my transcription of that melody, the extraordinary Leonard Bernstein’s song ‘Maria’ that can convey both the ecstatic love and ringing hope. I am dedicating it to my mother Soreyya, whose love and strength can move mountains. I truly believe today we need this music very much. It promises us happiness and peace in the most poetic way, and I feel lucky I can share my version of it with you.” A.K.

Leonard Bernstein / Asiya Korepanova : Maria from West Side Story


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