Pianists corner


Pianists Corner offers the possibility of drawing up filiations between teachers and students. The notion of filiation is central because it allows us to situate pianists, as well as to make the link between the great pianists of the past and those of the new generation.

The visualization of the filiations is interactive, it gives access for each pianist to the list of his teachers and students.

The pianists’ thumbnails are arranged vertically according to their year of birth. Several functionalities allow to optimize the display: possibility to delete pianists, to slide the thumbnails horizontally.

Due to the use of the card, this feature is not available on smartphone devices.

Genealogy : graph vizualisation

In addition to the pedigree cards that allow to represent two generations simultaneously, Pianists Corner offers the build genealogy option, which consists in visualizing simultaneously more than two generations of musicians linked by pedagogical links.