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At the same time…

a – Which French pianists were born in the year Horowitz died?

b – Which French pianists over 18 years old were able to attend the famous duel organized on March 31, 1837 between Franz Liszt and Sigismund Thalberg by Princess Cristina Belgiojoso on the occasion of a charity concert for the benefit of Italian exiles in Paris, and which made Marie d’Agoult say: “Thalberg is the first pianist in the world. Liszt is the only one.” ?

With the “At the same time…” tool, access the list of pianists living at a given moment in history. You can filter this list by countries and age ranges. 

Answers to the questions

a – answer

b – answer


The tool is very easy to use: by changing the values of the filters or sorting options, you will reload a list of pianists that matches your search.

The red line symbolizes the chosen year, here 1831, and separates two yellow zones that represent the timeline of the pianist before and after this date.

This way we can see if a pianist has lived a long time or a few years before and after this date. Moreover, we display his age at this date.

The Filters & sorting panel is closed by default : you can open it (clic the chevrons) to change the values :

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