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About Pianists Corner

Pianists corner is a web application dedicated to the piano, which provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the world of pianists. It is intended to provide information on pianists, composers and works. It revolves around an interactive visualization of musical filiations, which serves as a gateway to a platform of resources and live videos. With a focus on current events, it offers an editorial line including articles and filmed interviews.

At once a video platform, social network, mine of information and encyclopedia, Pianists Corner’s mission is to centralize the large public that gravitates around the piano by offering innovative services.


Great teachers are milestones in the history of the piano. Witnesses of an era, they transmit as much as they define new directions: approach to the instrument, repertoire, technique, playing tradition. The privileged contact with the great composers or the work with their students often gives them great legitimacy in certain repertoires, whose keys they know how to give to their students. Often composers themselves at the same time as performers, they are at the forefront of current pianistic events, although rarely in the limelight, and are sought after for their precious advice as much as for their stature and their sometimes colourful personality.

Tracing the filiation of pianists means becoming aware of their heritage and situating them both historically and musically. If the development, style and musical personality of a pianist are far from being reducible to the teaching received from his teachers, the fact remains that the latter play a crucial role in learning, this complex process of influence and transmission. A complex process if ever there was one, because filiation does not make the pianist, and the link between the interpretation of the student and the teacher on the one hand, and of the students of the same teacher on the other, is far from obvious. Yet, and this is an essential point, filiations only really make sense, beyond the purely encyclopaedic aspect, when they are confronted with musical material, i.e. recordings and live videos. Pianists Corner intends to be the fertile point of this confrontation.


Schools are at the heart of the Pianists Corner project. They are all the private or public music teaching establishments throughout the world. They propose a geographical grouping of teachers and as such channel filiations.

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