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The rarities of Pianists Corner: Lili Boulanger, D’un vieux jardin

Lili Boulanger, D’un vieux jardin

The work of Lili Boulanger (1893 – 1918), often of mystical or religious inspiration, is probably marked by the awareness of her illness, which will kill her at the age of 25. D’un vieux jardin, composed at the beginning of the First World War, is the first piece in a trilogy comprising D’un jardin clair and Cortège. Its mysterious tone and its chiaroscuro plays are characteristic of a rich and moving harmony, which can recall Fauré and Debussy, with a deeply personal touch.

Discover the interpretation of Antonio Oyarzabal.

New feature : At the same time…

a – Which French pianists were born in the year Horowitz died?

b – Which French pianists over 18 years old were able to attend the famous duel organized on March 31, 1837 between Franz Liszt and Sigismund Thalberg by Princess Cristina Belgiojoso on the occasion of a charity concert for the benefit of Italian exiles in Paris, and which made Marie d’Agoult say: “Thalberg is the first pianist in the world. Liszt is the only one.” ?

With the “At the same time…” tool, access the list of pianists living at a given moment in history. You can filter this list by countries and age ranges. 

Answers to the questions

a – answer : This link requires prior subscription to the club

b – answer : Click this link to see the result: the display of the year 1837 is free for testing.

Interview Piotr Anderszewski – Frédéric Gaussin


Frédéric Gaussin, a musical historian and specialist of interpretation, interviews the great pianists of our time: Piotr Anderszewski, Paul Badura-Skoda, Nelson Freire, Nelson Goerner, Evgeny Kissin, Murray Perahia, Menahem Pressler, Arcadi Volodos…

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Remembering Joseph Villa

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Remembering Joseph Villa

On the 25th anniversary of the death of the great American pianist Joseph Villa who was one of the greatest Liszt pianists ever.

“My own introduction to Villa – both as a pianist and as a person – had a huge impact on me at a formative time in my exploration of great piano playing.” Mark Ainley

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Pianists Corner evolves

As you have seen, Pianists Corner has changed and redesigned itself!

But it’s not only the look that has changed: there is also the creation of the Pianists Corner Club which, with its two packages, will allow you to find the two unique features that made the success of Pianists Corner:

  • the visualization of the genealogy, with the map of filiations
  • the comparison of video interpretations for a given piece of music

Next week, we will add an incredible new feature, also unique in the world: “At the Same Time…”, which will allow you to know who was contemporary of whom, with their age, all this by country, or with other filters!

To develop our site, and to present you new features in the coming months, we need your help and propose two subscription formulas:

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