Pianists corner

Pianists Corner evolves

As you have seen, Pianists Corner has changed and redesigned itself!

But it’s not only the look that has changed: there is also the creation of the Pianists Corner Club which, with its two packages, will allow you to find the two unique features that made the success of Pianists Corner:

  • the visualization of the genealogy, with the map of filiations
  • the comparison of video interpretations for a given piece of music

Next week, we will add an incredible new feature, also unique in the world: “At the Same Time…”, which will allow you to know who was contemporary of whom, with their age, all this by country, or with other filters!

To develop our site, and to present you new features in the coming months, we need your help and propose two subscription formulas:

  • SILVER: annual subscription at 29€ with 25% discount until December 31st (normal price: 39€)
  • PLATINUM : 159€ lifetime subscription for the first 1 000 members

See you soon on the site, with more great news!