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Great teachers poster series

The Great Teachers poster series honors some of the renowned teachers who have trained today’s great pianists. By presenting in the form of a tree of filiation their “descendants”, i.e. all of their students, the posters show the considerable influence of these key figures in the world of the piano. 

Offer yourself or your loved ones the posters of Léon Fleisher, Yvonne Loriot, Nikita Magaloff, Menahem Pressler, Lev Naoumov, Karl-Heinz Kämmerling or Aldo Ciccolini. Other major teachers will be added soon.

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Poster Masters of the keyboard

This poster helps you to follow the filiation of the Masters of the Keyboard from early 16th century to the middle of 20th century (pianists born before 1950 – this choice has been made for clarity purpose).
What I mean by “Filiation” is the fact – social fact – of saying “he is a pupil of”, and this is how pianists are presented today.
This information sheds light on the context in which the artist worked as a student.
It also highlight the important role of the teachers, who are sometimes forgotten by the history, in the transmission of technique and repertoire.

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