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Ching-Yun Hu in the spotlight

Winner of the 2008 Arthur Rubinstein International

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Sergei Rachmaninov Etudes-Tableaux Opus 39 (1917) 1. Allegro agitato in C minor

APP SEARCH KEYWORDS : “rachmaninov etude 39 Allegro”

Charles-Valentin Alkan Etudes in all the Minor Keys Opus 39 (1857) 12. Le Festin d’Ésope – Allegretto senza licenza quantunque in E minor

APP SEARCH KEYWORDS : “alkan etudes minor 12”

Sergei Rachmaninov Sonata No. 2 Opus 36 in B-flat minor (1931)2. Non allegro

APP SEARCH KEYWORDS : “rachmaninov sonata 2 36”

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