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Alexandra Dovgan in the spotlight

Dovgan is a prize-winner at the Vladimir Krainev Moscow International Piano Competition (2nd prize, Moscow, 2017) and the 4th International Astana Piano Passion Competition (2nd prize, 2017). She has received a special prize from the Yamaha company. 

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Ludwig van Beethoven Sonata No. 17 – The Tempest – Opus 31 n°2 in D minor (1802) 3. Allegretto

APP SEARCH KEYWORDS : “beethoven sonata 17 allegretto”

Frédéric Chopin Waltzes Opus 34 (1838) 1. Vivace in A-flat major (1835)

APP SEARCH KEYWORDS : “chopin waltzes 34 vivace”

Sergei Rachmaninov Preludes Opus 32 (1910) 12. Allegro in G-sharp minor

APP SEARCH KEYWORDS : “rachmanionov preludes 32 12”

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