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Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus

#8 – Regard des hauteurs

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Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus by Olivier Messiaen

“At the origins, this work had to accompany the poems of Maurice Toesca, La Nativité, a project for radio. Playing Vingt Regards sur l`Enfant – Jésus, I imagined the words which could follow the music, the voice of the actor reading the poems, the atmosphere of Christmas, people after the 2nd World War listening it to the radio like a ray of hope after so much craziness of destruction.

The violence is present also in this cycle, a terrible and extremely one. Jesus himself was a victim of it. In Regards we find the chaos before the creation, but also the tenderness of the motherhood, the image of a sweet sleep of Child Jesus, the wonderful freedom and joy of birds… And after all, in the end, Messiaen shows us the Christian window for peace and freedom, which is love.”

Anca Elena.

Anca Elena and Pianists Corner offer you a rendezvous every two weeks. Each rendezvous will contain one Regard. The first episode will be released first week of December.

#8 – Regard des hauteurs

“Gloire dans les hauteurs … les hauteurs descendent sur la crèche comme un chant d’alouette …”

“Glory in the Heights … the Heights descend to the manger like the song of a lark …”

Olivier Messiaen.

Blackbird (Merle noir)

Regard des hauteurs is the first work where Messiaen uses almost exclusively the birds’ song. The Christian signs are missing, the birds being God’s expression is his purest form. The “speaking” of the best musicians of the world is full of imagination, freedom and freshness. Messiaen studied their formulas directly from nature, discovering a large variety of rhythms and melodic lines. We are listening: Le rossignol / The nightingaleL’alouette / The larkLa grive musicienne SongThrushLa fauvette des jardins / Garden Warbler and Le merle noir / Blackbird .”

Anca Elena.


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