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The rarities of Pianists Corner : Grażyna Bacewicz, Piano Sonata n°2

Grażyna Bacewicz, Piano Sonata n°2

Grażyna Bacewicz, in addition to being a renowned Polish violinist and prolific composer, was an excellent pianist, as evidenced by her monumental Sonata No. 2, composed in 1953, which she performed herself (surprisingly, there is no trace of any Sonata No. 1). The writing is resolutely modern, harmonically audacious and of immense expressive richness. The exploratory aspect summons very varied climates, from a diffuse anxiety to an electric outburst. The first movement, Maestoso – Agitato, broad and full of determination, gives way to a lyrical and mysterious Largo, before an unpredictable Toccata.

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